Saturday, July 19, 2008

mGinger - Mobile Advertising

If someone pays you 20 paise for each ad read on your mobile and 10 paise per referral,then let me make it clear out, its not a trap or scam neither it is fake as money making websites ads.It is true that you can make a quick buck for receiving messages on your cellphone. A Bangalore company mGinger now offers to pay users to receive SMS advertisements. Cellphone users once shunned SMS advertisements but mGinger is out to change all that. It has turned advertising via the cellphone into a source of income. It may be next big thing after google ads in India

What you need to do?
All you need to do is log on to and register yourself with details of the kind of advertisements you want to receive. Users get to choose the number of ads they want and when they would like to receive them. The company will pay users 20 paise for each ad read and 10 paise per referral. The fun starts when you start referring your friends to mGinger. For your referrals you receive 10 paise for each ad that they receive. Similary, for each of the friends that your referrals refer, you get paid 5 paise for each ad. When you consider the Geometric progression, the amount that you can make in a month is quite considerable.

If you view mginger website, then you can verify it people are making money from 500r to 15000rs also.But don’t start dreaming of being a millionaire due to this. But yeah, if you manage to get a fairly large network of friends under you, then you might just be able to clear up your mobile phone bill at least once in a year . Not bad, considering even if you aren’t able to achieve this, you would still be satisfied because of the cool offers that would come your way just for registering.

It is using permission-based marketing to turn SMS advertising into a lucrative proposition for users. What mGinger tries to do is it eliminates spam from your phone. But it does it in such a way that the advertisements that you do get on your phone, turn into useable information.

The company has already run eight campaigns in different sectors, and talks are on with another 200 clients. The website, which started on April 19, has over three lakh registered users. This may not be a money-spinner for you, but it still has users excited about the additional income, particularly college students, who are looking at this as an additional source of pocket money… and a reason to stay hooked to their cellphones.

One thing I am sure about it. If you wont make money, you will not loose either...!
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